My Experience with Proverbs 16:7, what is yours?

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‘My Experience with Proverbs 16:7, what is yours?’

Is a convenient, pocket-sized how-to book, loaded with relatable and practical experiences, offering effective nuggets; a vital part of the Christian faith and
spiritual growth. All readers will quickly learn in a short space of time, how it:

1. Propels the mind to previously unattainable heights of insight into the Word of
God – encourages and causes all Christians and truth-seekers alike, to recall the workings of God in your lives.

2. Unveils the truth of the Word and brings into remembrance in good times all that God has taught you in the times of adversity, inspiring you to acknowledge and appreciate the unrivalled power of the Word of God.

3. Serves as a training and development toolkit, made up of five principal chapters. Each chapter explains in detail what to do when you hear God’s Word, and shows you how to apply the One-2-Three ‘E’ simple training steps, which you will discover inside this revolutionary little book.

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