One-2-Three Worthy Living is a step-by-step guidance to God’s Word that encourages all children of God to live a worthy and honourable Christian lifestyle to God’s glory through Christ Jesus.

One-2-Three Worthy Living gives you more guidance to right living with God. It is all Bible based, with the living and active Word coming alive in your life for faithful daily application.

One-2-Three Worthy Living was founded by Minister Olawunmi Biriyok by the prompting of the Holy Spirit to inspire, encourage and empower all children of God with the living and powerful word of God.

It is a ministry Minister Olawunmi Biriyok was led to go into to have personal empowerment ministry sessions with all truth-seekers, which is simply called PEMS. This is why in this ministry, we pay and give full undivided attention to any one individual to encourage and inspire them to develop a unique one-on-one personal relationship with Almighty God.

Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ had this unique personal relationship with God the Father because He walked righteously with God. Therefore, if we say we abide in Him then we ought to ourselves walk as Jesus Christ walked. (1John 2:6)

How did Jesus Christ walk? Jesus Christ walked in humility, faith, in obedience; He walked selflessly, in love, in gratitude and in prayer. All children of God have to walk likewise.

At One-2-Three Worthy Living, while having personal empowerment ministry sessions with you, we will respect and treat you with the love and fear of God. We will guide and feed you with the Word of God so as to enable you to walk in the Pure Light of God to His glory through Christ Jesus.

One-2-Three Worthy Living… more guidance to worthy living!!!!