Personal Empowerment Ministry sessions


Whatever spiritual assistance you require, you have the right to be treated with the love and fear of God, care and respect by your PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT MINISTER (PEM). The Client’s Charter, is your guide to what to expect from your PEM.

Your PEM will:

  • CLEAR PRIORITIES – Put your needs and interests first when ministering to you;
  • HIGH PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS – Be polite and considerate in their fellowshipping with you;
  • GOALS-SETTING – Find out from the start what you are hoping to achieve, and aim to make sure that your expectations are realistic;
  • APPROPRIATE COMMUNICATION – Make every effort to explain things clearly, and in terms you can understand, keeping unwholesome talks to a minimum;
  • SERVICE DEFINITION – Agree with you the aspect of ministry you can expect to receive;
  • PEM ALLOCATION – Tell you who will be ministering and fellowshipping with you
  • PARTNERSHIP SUPPORT – Explain the essence of voluntary donations to PEMS;
  • SESSIONS – Discuss the length of each session and agree with you the duration of your required sessions;
  • PROGRESS – Share your developments with you and update you on progress made;
  • FAIRNESS, DIGNITY, RESPECT & EQUALITIES – Treat all clients fairly, and not discriminate against anyone; because of his or her race, religion, sex, sexual orientation (sexuality) or disability, and
  • CONFIDENTIALITY – Keep what you tell them confidential, and refuse to consult with anyone else if doing so could compromise that confidentiality.

Fellowshipping Together

Whilst your PEM has various godly duties to you as their client, your PEM can only adequately minister to you if the information you give is accurate, complete AND you co-operate with a receptive heart, to God’s glory.