Run The Race

run the race“Run the Race – of a Worthy Lifestyle” is an invigorating source of strength that transcends far beyond the physical realm to depths of knowledge of the Word of God, often left wanting in truth-seekers. This empowering, expositional novel is, indeed, a propitious conduit and catalyst for an approved, acclaimed and commendable Christian Lifestyle.

The award-winning author’s inspirational approach with ‘Run the Race’ appeals to many different types of people from all walks of life, as she demonstrates the virtues of faith through stories of key Biblical figures, such as, Abraham and Jacob in the Old Testament and Jesus Christ and the apostle Paul in the New Testament. From these stories, Mrs Biriyok draws practical lessons for the Christian of today and as noteworthy lessons for all truth-seekers; developing healthy spiritual growth to encourage the need for consistency in steadfastly living the Christian Lifestyle. The various topics, the very ingredients that underpin and drive the central theme of this book, such as, repentance, forgiveness, truth, hope, spirit-filled, perseverance and salvation, are cutting edge inspirational and provide empowerment, through the tremendous treasures of holiness and godliness, to the reader like the world has never seen before!

‘Run the Race’ is expositional, informative and empowering for everyone from all walks of life, irrespective of religious background, and is most beneficial to all truth-seekers. In effect, ‘Run the Race’ is a seamless build-up on my previous works on award-winning books – ‘Walk the Walk’ and ‘The Manual for Righteous Living.’ It is time to ‘Run the Race’ through direct communion with the Holy Spirit for one’s precious salvation, in the here and now into eternity. It completes a vital circle of Holy Spirit empowered knowledge acquisition on one’s spiritual growth journey, beyond what one may gain in regular Church attendance and sermons; as the surest way to salvation attainment and, thereby, dismantling the perilous habitual dependency by believers on preachers.

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