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Acknowledgement & Appreciation – Your Punctuated Impact on my Spiritual Journey – ‘The Diaries of a Christian Saint’

Dear Rev Baroness Mrs Olawunmi Biriyok

I hope this post reaches you and the family in excellent degree of wellbeing.

As I was meditating in the morning of Monday 11th August 2014 and expressing Eternal Gratitude to the Jehovah GOD of Creation, I was alerted to the essence of putting this already expressed acknowledgement and appreciation in writing, as part of Eternal Praise & Worship unto the LORD GOD of ALL Flesh i.e. your Punctuated Impact in My Spiritual Journey.

1 – You took the scales off my eyes with introduction to 1 John 2:20 & 27 regarding the Gift of Jehovah GOD’s Anointing and the ALL-Teaching abilities of the Holy Spirit. That was an Earthquake of Divine Enlightenment

2 – You introduced me to WOFBI to experience a Distinguished Mountain of Divine Encounter which is an embodiment of Divine Excellence. This was and continues to be a Tsunami of Divine Enlightenment; even with the Final Tier to go.

I have always thirsted and panted for Credible Holy Spirit Educational Enlightenment. These two encounters, which continue the work started by Mum some years ago by nudging me to become born-again, establish significant foot-steps on my Journey as a Christian Saint.

Be sure that when ‘the Diaries of a Christian Saint’ gets chronicled, permit me to record these two major developments, where you have allowed the Holy Ghost to use you as a Vessel of Divine Enlightenment, to be truthfully accounted for as they ought to be.

Before these three encounters, though spiritual and an avid seeker of Jehovah GOD and the matters of His Kingdom, I was very much secularly-oriented and robustly 5-senses grounded [with their characteristic worldly limitations]. But now, I can see and experience the Divine Light clearly.

I have been to the mountain top and seen the promised Land, towards which I must now glide, gravitate and tirelessly aspire to the Ultimate Glorification of The Supreme Jehovah GOD.

To this end, to say that I am thankful is nothing short of gross misstatement. Silver and Gold I presently may have none, but such as I have I speak into your Life right now; that The Supreme Jehovah GOD The Father of Creation grant unto you, your Total Inheritance as His Child in Every Aspect of your Life, those of your husband Chief Caz and the Children, your Mum and your Sister, for a successful fulfilment of the Divine Assignment for which you were created. May every righteous needs in your life be abundantly met by His assigned Host of Angels. In the Authority and Power of the Name of The Lord Christ Jesus. Keep Strong, Woman of Jehovah GOD of you are destined for GREAT Exploits of tremendous blessings to Humankind.

In Reverence, Submission, Reverence & Humility to The Supreme Jehovah GOD Forever; unto whom all Honour, Power, Glory, Praises be. Alleluia.