Vision and Mission

Corporate Vision
To bring all Children of God into the Pure Light of God.

Vision Statement
The VISION of this Ministry is to share;
The Word of God.
The Good News of the Gospel.
To teach, feed and train all Humankind so you are empowered to develop in the things of God, transformed to live a worthy and honourable lifestyle in communion and union with the Trinity, here and now into ETERNITY.

Corporate Mission
To Empower and Encourage all Children of God to develop a unique one-on-one, personal relationship with God Almighty.

Mission Statement
Our MISSION consists of:
Empowering & Encouraging all Humankind to believe and live a worthy Christian Lifestyle to the Glory of God through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.
Expanding the Kingdom of God on Earth.
Teaching all Children of the Most High God how to Walk the Walk with God.
Train you to read and meditate on the Manual for Righteousness – which is the Bible.
Coach you to run the race of a worthy Lifestyle in the here and now into eternity.
Bring all into the Pure Light of God (PLOG 1); that settles us into the Promised Land of God (PLOG 2).