Fellowshipping with God in Spirit

This article is intended to shed light on the hindrances to effective worship in our walk with God, broaden the understanding of the Truth of the Gospel with respect to true worship by all Christians, and further encourage the art of true worship of God in Spirit. These are exemplified with a reflection on current Facts of malpractices inconsistent with the Truth of the Word and the Way Forward for better service. However disappointing and silly this may sound, the fundamental truth is this: the majority of Christians, especially the converts of some four decades ago to date, have not learned to properly deal or interact with God, in faith, through Christ Jesus, in truth and in spirit.

Until Christians act out their faith to deal with and worship God in spirit and in truth, their relationship with Jehovah God is marred ab initio, giving the devil a foothold from where to operate. Now is the time for all Christians to present ourselves as more of loyal virtuous beings than mere spirits of corruption.
Needless to say, retuning of mindset and soul cleaning, that is, spiritual cleansing, will be required of the Body of Christ.

Read more, Learn more and Worship more … in spirit and in truth!
God bless you.

For spiritual cleansing process, click HERE to read.

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